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PBO Borehole Strainmeter Station Maintenance

UNAVCO has the mandate to ensure that the 80-borehole strainmeter component of the Plate Boundary Observatory is operating with a high level of performance and reliability. At any given time, at least 85% of the borehole stations in the PBO network must be operational. Since the begininng of the project, this performance metric has been met or exceeded. UNAVCO provides both remote (office-based) and on-site maintenance for the PBO network. Office-based maintenance includes activities such as receiver firmware upgrades and configuration changes. On-site maintenance includes repairs due to hardware malfunctions, lightning strikes, vandalism, theft, or other unanticipated problems. Field engineers also perform scheduled maintenance on the equipment, such as battery replacement which is done every five years. Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance are combined where appropriate to reduce travel costs.

Maintenace activities are scheduled to include a number of stations during one maintenance trip. This is done to minimize the travel costs associated with station visits. There is no set timeline for reparing non-operational stations. However, the following guidelines are used by PBO field engineers to prioritize borehole maintenance activities:

  • Science. For instance an eruptive event at Yellowstone or an anticipated ETS event in the PNW.
  • Failed data return from the BSM or Seismic sensor.
  • Failed data return from ancillary sensors (rain gauge, pore pressure).
  • Unscheduled adjustments on primary instruments (noise).
  • Scheduled activities (battery replacement, quadrature adjustments to the BSM).

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