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Data Event Response to the 9 June 2016 Mw 6.1 Earthquake 17km E of Puerto Morazan, Nicaragua

Written by David Phillips & Beth Bartel
22 June 2016

Tectonic Summary

From the USGS Event Page:
Along the western coast of Central America, the Cocos plate subducts towards the east beneath the Caribbean plate at the Middle America Trench. Convergence rates vary between 72-81 mm/yr, decreasing towards the north. This subduction results in relatively high rates of seismicity and a chain of numerous active volcanoes; intermediate-focus earthquakes occur within the subducted Cocos plate to depths of nearly 300 km. Since 1900, there have been many moderately sized intermediate-depth earthquakes in this region, including the September 7, 1915 M7.4 El Salvador and the October 5, 1950 M7.8 Costa Rica events.

For more information on this event, see the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program event page.

UNAVCO Response

High-Rate GPS Data
In response to the Mw6.1 earthquake 17km E of Puerto Morazán, Nicaragua on 2016-06-10 at 03:25:22 (UTC), UNAVCO downloaded high-rate one-sample-per-second (1-sps or 1 Hz) data from nearby GPS stations for a 7-day period around the event (day of event ± 3 days). A map of downloaded GPS stations is shown in Figure 2. (Note: data from newly built stations POLI and ELMA are available but these stations are not shown on map.) These data are available from ftp://data-out.unavco.org/pub/highrate.

UNAVCO Data and Support

  • Please contact archive-gpsunavco.org for information on data availability

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Map Center:
Puerto Morazan, Nicaragua


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