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1 November 2012

Join us at GSA!

Come find us at Booth #1110 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the annual GSA meeting.

UNAVCO is co-sponsoring Short Course #525: Terrestrial Laser Scanning (Ground-based LiDAR) Methods and Applications in Geologic Research and Education. That short course is fully enrolled, but there will be a TLS demonstration at the booth on Monday, November 5th at 2:00 that is open to anyone who wants to stop by.

UNAVCO is a proud supporter of the GSA Educator's Reception on Sunday evening (November 4th) from 6:30-8pm.

UNAVCO will also be at the Student Networking Luncheon Mon., 5 Nov., 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m. at Hilton Center City, Carolina Hall.

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UNAVCO Presentations and Events

DatePresenterTitleSession & Booth #Paper #Location, Session TimePresentation Time
SUN, NOV 4Nancy West & Shelley OldsUsing Google Earth and EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory GPS Velocities to Explore Yellowstone with StudentsSession No. 29--Booth# 18829-50Hall B 9 AM-6:30 PMNA
SUN, NOV 4Chris Crosby and David PhillipsShort Course 525: Terrestrial Laser Scanning (Ground-Based LiDAR) Methods and Applications in Geologic Research & Education (Cosponsored by UNAVCO) [Fully Enrolled]--UNC Charlotte Center City Building: Room 8048 AM
to 5 PM
SUN, NOV 4Emily Kleber et al (with Shelley Olds)Landforms in LiDAR: Creating a Catalog of Digital Landforms for Education and OutreachSession No. 29--Booth# 18929-51Hall B 9 AM-6:30 PMNA
SUN, NOV 4Jenna Lente (RESESS)Yellowstone Lake Seiche: Its Causes and Implications Regarding the CalderaSession No. 24--Booth# 1824-7Hall B 9 AM-6:30 PMNA
MON, NOV 5Patrick McQuillan et al (with Shelley Olds)EarthScope and New Madrid Content Modules for the IRIS Active Earth MonitorSession No. 6565-2210AB 8 AM-12 PM8:30 AM-8:45 AM
MON, NOV 5Phillip Resor et al (with Shelley Olds)Using EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory GPS Velocities to Introduce Strain to Undergraduate Structural Geology StudentsSession No. 6565-5210AB 8 AM-12 PM9:15 AM-9:30 AM
MON, NOV 5Val SloanFinding the Right Match: Pairing Undergraduate Research Interns and Scientists as a Way of Engaging Students in Their Topic of InterestSession No. 6565-12210AB 8 AM-12 PM11:15 AM-11:30 AM
MON, NOV 5Cristina Lugo Centeno (RESESS)A Search for Apatite and Zircon in the Rocks of the Marlborough Fault System, South Island, New ZealandSesSession No. 92--Booth# 9492-24Hall B 9 AM-6 PMNA
MON, NOV 5John Braun et al (with Glen Mattioli)COCONet: Infrastructure Enhancements to Improve Sea Level MonitoringSession No. 88--Booth# 3688-23Hall B 9 AM-6 PMNA
TUES, NOV 6Meghan MillerKinematics of Modern Convergent Margins Revealed by Space GeodesySession No. 155155-14208A 8 AM-12 PM11:45 AM-12:00 PM
TUES, NOV 6Ashlyann Arana Morales (RESESS)Controls on Landslides in Low Relief Topography, New JerseySession No. 167--Booth# 201167-6Hall B 9 AM-6 PMNA
TUES, NOV 6Kayla Christian (RESESS)An Analysis of Methods for Measuring Aqueous Iron Redox SpeciesSession No. 162--Booth# 161162-25Hall B 9 AM-6 PMNA


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