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Unimak Island Installations


The second phase of a three-phased project for installing thirteen PBO GPS sites on Unimak Island, the largest and easternmost island in the Aleutian Island chain of Alaska, is underway. The first phase (July 12-31) involved preparation work for installing the sites, based out of Cold Bay. During the second phase (July 25-August 15), the crews will be installing seven of the western sites based off of a boat, the Kittiwake. The final phase of the project (August 12-31) will be based out of False Pass, when the crews will install the remaining stations.

So far crews have successfully installed three of the seven western sites in phase two, despite some inclement weather and last minute site relocations.

Unimak Island is home to Mount Shishaldin, an active volcano that last erupted in 1999. The PBO instrumentation will aid in the study of this active yet remote location.


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