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PBO Successfully Installs Strainmeters in Yellowstone National Park


UNAVCO recently offered a series of well-attended short courses on processing and using various PBO data, including LiDAR, strainmeter and tiltmeter, and InSAR. The Short Course Series is aimed at current researchers and younger scientists interested in an introduction to a new research tool. In these three courses there were 74 attendees, including 24 students supported by EarthScope and UNAVCO funds. The last short course of 2008 will be in September on GPS data analysis (see the Short Courses webpage for details).

The LiDAR course, entitled “Processing and Analysis of GeoEarthScope and Other Community LiDAR Topography Datasets”, was held at Arizona State University in Tempe. The strainmeter and tiltmeter data course, entitled Working with Strainmeter and Tiltmeter Data: A Short Course for New Users- was held at UNAVCOs headquarters in Boulder. The InSAR course, entitled “InSAR: An Introduction to Processing and Applications for Geoscientists”, was also held at UNAVCOs headquarters in Boulder, CO. Our final short course for this year, entitled Processing and Analysis of GPS Data with GAMIT/GLOBK/TRACK will be held at UNAVCOs headquarters in Boulder, CO from September 23 to September 25, 2008.


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