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Facility Highlights 2008 - Data Archive Interface Version 2 (DAIv2) - Public Alpha Release

Data Archive Interface Version 2 (DAIv2) - Public Alpha Release

  • Development Team: Fran Boler, Matt Beldyk, Jon Davis, Lou Estey, Jim Riley, Chris Stolte
  • Dates: November 2008
  • Location: Boulder, Colorado

The Data Archive Interface Version 2 (DAIv2) is the UNAVCO Facility's next generation interface for search and access of UNAVCO's GPS data holdings. The DAIv2 includes a powerful and flexible Web application (see figure 1) for discovery and visualization of UNAVCO's GPS data and metadata holdings. The DAIv2 also includes a suite of Java-based command-line clients for advanced users needing automated discovery and download (see figure 2). Both the Web application and the command-line clients utilize our new Web services infrastructure. Use the DAIv2 to locate data of interest to you using a variety of filters (Metadata, Spatial, and Temporal). You can search for both permanent station and campaign monuments simultaneously.

The DAIv2 is currently in public alpha release. We believe we have provided much of the major functionality that we ultimately intend, but some pieces are only in their initial stages. In particular, the searching capabilities are more mature at this point than the data download capabilities. Currently, from the Web application, a user can get links to files through the Download Cart; soon they will be able to actually download the files automatically using a separate download manager application. With one of the command-line clients a user can get links to files for download.

FALK antenna facing North

Figure 1 - The application is comprised of a Super Panel, three search/results panels (Metadata, Spatial, Temporal), and a Side Panel where additional information and options are displayed. This view shows the BARGEN network's Metadata, Spatial, and Temporal results.

$ java -jar unavcoMonuments.jar -4charEqu p100
Four char id, Monument Name, Lat, Lon,

Figure 2 - One of several DAIv2 command-line clients, the unavcoMonuments client retrieves information about monuments within the UNAVCO database.

Comments or questions about the DAIv2? Please send e-mail to archivewebunavco.org.


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