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PBO Presence at the 2005 EarthScope National Meeting


EarthScope held their first National Meeting on March 28-31, 2005 at the Tamaya Resort in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. The meeting began with presentations given by the EarthScope Organizing Committee on State of EarthScope – Science, Community, and Facility, and a keynote talk given by special guest Robert Smith, from the University of Utah, entitled “Yellowstone Hotspot: Integrative Research and Complimentary Goals of EarthScope.” The following days included several presentations on Science, Education, and Outreach, and a conclusion presentation on The EarthScope Vision.

Meeting attendees and students were encouraged to circulate during the poster sessions held throughout the week. In addition, a “Student and Postdoc Icebreaker” provided a casual environment for the students and professionals to converse with each other out side of the meeting. During the Icebreaker, Dr. Greg van der Vink (Director of EarthScope) and Dr. Michael E. Jackson (PBO Director) made introductions to important contacts and provided feedback and advice to the students and postdocs.

With a high turnout of over 300 people in attendance, PBO had an excellent opportunity to show the community the progress the project has made to date. The following posters generated a lot of exciting discussion:

  • PBO Facility Construction: GPS Network Status (K. Feaux, M. Jackson, G. Anderson, and D. Mencin)

  • The PBO Network (D. Mencin, J. Wright, E. Persson, and G. Anderson)

  • Plate Boundary Observatory GPS and Strainmeter Site Permitting Update, Obstacles, and Plans for Years 2-5 of Network Build-out (K. Bohnenstiehl)

  • The Plate Boundary Observatory: Data Management Status and Plans (G. Anderson, K. Hodgkinson, M. Jackson, E. Lee, E. Persson, W. Prescott, and J. Wright)

  • GPS Installation Progress in the Southern California Region of the Plate Boundary Observatory (C. Walls, E. Arnitz, S. Bick, and S. Lawrence)

  • GPS Installation Progress in the Pacific Northwest Region of the Plate Boundary Observatory (K. Hafner, P. Gray, A. Diefenbach, and K. Austin)

  • The EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) Response to the September 28, 2004 Parkfield Earthquake (B. Coyle, T. Williams, A. Basset, and E. Arnitz)

  • PBO Facility Construction: Borehole Strainmeter Network Status (M. Hasting, R. Mueller, W. Johnson, and P. Gibicar)

  • PBO Strainmeters on the Olympic Peninsula, Installation and Data Products (K. Hodgkinson, G. Anderson, M. Hasting, and R. Mueller)

  • The PBO Nucleus: Integration of the Existing Continuous GPS Networks in the Western U.S. (F. Blume and W. Prescott)

  • Incorporating Plate Boundary Observatory and other EarthScope Data Products in Broader Objectives for Geoscience Education and Outreach: 2005 Activities (S. Eriksson and G. Anderson)


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