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PBO Magmatic Systems Working Group Discusses Y2 Installations


Members of the Magmatic Systems Working Group convened in Vancouver, WA on January 18, 2005 to discuss scientific priorities for this years upcoming strainmeter and GPS installations located on and around volcanoes and calderas. The group meets once per year to advise PBO on science priorities and provide specific recommendations for station relocations. This year the PBO working group used the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory facilities to hold the all-day meeting. Site selection and relocation issues were discussed for the Alaska (Aleutians), Rocky Mountain (Yellowstone), Pacific Northwest (Cascades volcanoes), Northern California (Mt. Shasta and Medicine Lake), and Southern California (Long Valley) regions. Committee members discussed recent volcanic unrest combined with existing and planned infrastructure.

Meeting attendees included: Steve McNutt (chair of the Magmatic Working Group), Mike Jackson, Robert Smith, Tim Dixon, Evelyn Roeloffs, Susan Owen, John Power, Mike Lisowski, Karl Feaux, David Mencin, Steve Borenstein, Chris Walls, Brian Coyle, Katrin Hafner, Tom Corbett, and Krista Barbour.

As a result of the meeting, the Magmatic Systems Working Group will provide official recommendations to PBO management. This document will be available online after it is released.


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