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Transform Working Group Congregates in Sacramento to Discuss PBO Site Locations in Northern and Southern California


The Transform Site Selection Working Group met in Sacramento, California, for a one-day meeting on February 18, 2005. Led by Gerald Bawden, chair of the working group, the meeting adjourned at the end of the day with comprehensive station siting recommendations for the Northern and Southern California regions. Now that the project is into its second year, the timing of siting recommendations is critical. As the installation schedule ramps up, it is imperative that site locations are established so recon and permitting activities can be set in motion. A formal statement summarizing the committee’s recommendations will be submitted to PBO management. This document will be available online after it is released.

Meeting attendees included Mike Jackson, Gerald Bawden, Kyle Bohnenstiehl, Brian Coyle, Karl Feaux, Tom Herring, Ken Hudnut (via videoconference), John Langbein, Sally McGill, Jessica Murray, Mark Murray, Chris Walls, and Paul Segall (teleconference).


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