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Project Highlights 2005 - Antenna Acceleration Calibration

Antenna Acceleration Calibration

  • Principal Investigator (PI): Pedro Elosegui, James Davis
  • UNAVCO Engineers: Jim Normandeau
  • Dates: February - May, 2005
  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts

As the accuracy of GPS estimates of site position continues to improve the detection of smaller geophysical signals becomes possible. The capability of GPS for detecting short-term transient motions such as the minute motions caused by surface waves of seismic origin will be assessed.

Make GPS measurements with a GPS antenna on a moving platform. The antenna will experience accelerations of up to cm/s2 level for a period of several minutes while recording GPS data simultaneously. A second stationary antenna at a distance of several meters will also be simultaneously recording GPS data. This GPS campaign should be run during the Spring of 2005; it will last about a month.

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