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Project Highlights 2002 - Joint IRIS/PASSCAL/UNAVCO Site Work

Joint IRIS/PASSCAL/UNAVCO Seismic & GPS Installations, Testing, and Development

  • Principal Investigator (PI): Mike Jackson
  • UNAVCO Engineers: Karl Feaux, Victoria Andreatta, Warren Gallaher, Steve Borenstein, Mike Jackson
  • Dates: 2001 - Present
  • Location: Socorro, New Mexico

Phase 1 included installation of a deeply anchored GPS monument at the IRIS/PASSCAL Facility (PAS1), installation of an Ashtech MicroZ GPS receiver with data being downloaded to a computer over a wireless FreeWave radio link. The computer is running RedHat Linux 7.1 and using EGADS and SHARC to configure and download the GPS receiver. LDM (Local Data Manager) was used to transfer the data back to the UNAVCO Facility for processing and archiving. Phase 2 included the installation of a serial to Ethernet device which was put in place of the FreeWave radio link. The download software (SHARC) needed to be modified in order to accomodate a longer time-out period, thus allowing for the entire data file to be transferred to the download computer before timing out.


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