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Project Highlights 2002 - Saudi Arabia

Middle Eastern Projects

  • Principal Investigator (PI): Various
  • UNAVCO Engineers: Jay Sklar, Jim Greenberg
  • Dates: Fall 2002
  • Location: Saudi Arabia

In addition to providing network support to existing stations in Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Ukraine, and Armenia, UNAVCO field engineers installed new stations in Sauid Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, and Morocco. GGN stations receive back-up downloading and the data from the remainder of the stations are managed by UNAVCO and are archived at the Facility. Data from selected stations are pushed to NASA Goddard CDDIS. As permanent stations in much of this arear are sparce and logistics are complicated, UNAVCO is working with investigators, local collaborators and JPL to convert stations with reliable data communications over to be managed as part of the NASA / JPL GGN network. The photo at right shows the new station (HALY) installed in 2002 near the Red Sea by UNAVCO and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology as part of a network of 5 permanent GPS stations that will be established around Saudi Arabia.


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