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Project Highlights 2002 - Friday Harbor SuomiNet Installation

Friday Harbor SuomiNet Installation

  • Principal Investigator (PI):
  • UNAVCO Engineers: Jay Sklar, JIm Greenberg
  • Dates: November 10, 2001
  • Location: Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington

The UNAVCO Facility support to the SuomiNet project includes system development, integration, deployment, and technical support for the 75 station continuous GPS network. This effort was supported with NSF-Atmospheric Sciences Division (ATM) funding, and is benefiting both the atmospheric and geodetic research communities. The design and development included developing specific GPS technical capabilities to meet the unique real-time data streaming needs of the system. The facility conducted an extensive test of several new receivers and antennas to evaluate performance and suitability for the project and provide new equipment comparisons to the geodetic community ("GPS Receiver and Antenna Testing Report"). UNAVCO developed GPS data streaming software (JStream) and implemented the UCAR / Unidata Local Data Management (LDM) software to deliver hourly files from the host institutions to the UCAR central data management and processikng center. Real-time precipitable water vapor data products are available on-line at www.suominet.ucar.edu, and data from over 30 geodetic SuomiNet stations (ones with adequate monumentation) are available from the UNAVCO archive. Station SC02 is shown. Friday Harbor, Washington.


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