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Project Highlights 2002 - Akutan Alaska

Akutan Alaska 2002

  • Principal Investigator (PI): Jeff Freymueller (U. Alaska Fairbanks), Tom Murray (USGS)
  • UNAVCO Engineer: Jay Sklar
  • Dates: Summer 2002
  • Location: Akutan, Alaska.

The purpose of this project was to install 4 monitoring stations with GPS, seismic, and borehole strainmeter equipment. The installation occurred in several phases. The UNAVCO engineer's role was to provide training on the fabrication and installation of the short-braced monument as well as general support. Ben Pauk was the engineer's primary contact and trainee. The data from the new sites will be telemetered to an FAA satellite uplink in Dutch Harbor and make its way to Anchorage. Currently there are only three stations installed collecting GPS data. Bad weather caused delays and prevented the installation of the forth site and the seismic equipment was not received in time from the manufacturer. The seismic instruments and radio modems will be installed at a later time. The installed GPS receivers (Trimble 5700) with their 256 Mbyte CompactFlash cards will allow for data collection for more than a year. The data will be collected during the next phase of the project.


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