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2001 UNAVCO Highlights

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Global Strain Rate Map Project In 1998 the International Lithosphere Program (ILP) initiated the Global Strain Rate Map Project. As a major component to the Global Strain Rate Map Project, Kreemer et al. [2001a] have determined a global strain rate model. The global strain rate model is the first model to describe the kinematics of the plates and the deformation zones between the plates for all of the Earth's surface.
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Groundwater pumping masks tectonic deformation near Los Angeles, California US Geological Survey and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory geophysicists made two significant findings about how and why the ground moves beneath Los Angeles. The researchers combined satellite radar images and Global Position System (GPS) observations to measure more accurately than ever before the tectonic squeezing of the region that is responsible for earthquakes like the 1987 M=6 Whittier Narrows and M=6.7 Northridge shocks.
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1/30/1997 eruptive event on Kilauea Continuous GPS measurements preceding the January 30, 1997 eruption on Kilauea volcano, Hawaii constrain the temporal evolution of deformation associated with dike propagation in unprecedented detail [Owen et al., 2000]. Figure 1 shows the horizontal displacements spanning the intrusion/eruption as determined from a combination of campaign and permanent GPS data.
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