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EarthScope Workshop - Interactive Field Trip

EarthScope Workshop EarthScope Workshop EarthScope Workshop


The EarthScope Workshop for Interpretive Professionals in the Central Appalachian Region was held at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia the 26th through the 29th of March, 2012.

Participants explored the central Appalachian Mountain belt and environs, which are the legacy of a billion-year history of plate-tectonic events including one of the greatest mountain-building events in the geologic history of North America. Today these beautiful mountains are the locations of many of the best-known and most-visited National, State, and regional Parks in the nation. The Mineral Earthquake in central Virginia in 2011 serves as a reminder that the region is still geologically dynamic, and brought renewed attention to the scientific and societal implications of geological research in the eastern United States.

The workshop aimed to help interpreters create opportunities for the public to form their own intellectual and emotional connections to the dynamic landscape of the greater Appalachian, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain provinces of the eastern U.S.

Come along!

Come along as we explore from the Valley and Ridge to the Blue Ridge Province with Dr. Steve Whitmeyer of James Madison University and Dr. Chuck Bailey of the College of William and Mary.

With our virtual field trip, you can zoom in from outer-space, hear a brief overview of each field stop, and read a summary of the local geology.

Launch the virtual field trip now!
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YouTube Presentations

You can also view a selection of the workshop presentations on YouTube:


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