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Interactive Data & Mapping Tools

GPS Velocity Viewer

Explore the motions of Earth's crust as measured by GPS stations around the globe.

Plate Motion Calculator

Calculate tectonic plate motion at any location on Earth using one or more plate motion models.

PBO H2O Data Portal

Access GPS reflection data from NSF's Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) to study the water cycle.

GPS Spotlight

Learn how GPS is used to study faults, volcanoes, weather, water resources, and more.

Visible Earthquakes

Model real earthquakes measured through InSAR data. Sign in is required but free!

Power Through the Night

Design a power system to run GPS equipment through the long polar night. Balance cost and weight to ensure the data keep flowing!

Interactive Field Trip: Valley and Ridge to Blue Ridge Province - Shenandoah National Park: EarthScope Workshop

Explore the central Appalachian Mountain belt and the Blue Ridge Province in this virtual field trip.


Source: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
What did Earth look like millions or even billions of years ago? What was the climate like? Explore Earth's deep history with EarthViewer.

Bon voyage!
Jules Verne Voyager, Jr. and
EarthScope Voyager, Jr.
are being retired and are replaced by the GPS Velocity Viewer.

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