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Here you will find a number of engaging infographics visually explaining GPS, InSAR, and other areas of geodesy. These are great for use in classrooms or presentations.

What GPS Can Tell Us About Earth

GPS is helpful for more than just navigation. Explore how scientists can use GPS to measure snow depth, sea level, and more with this infographic. Created by Beth Bartel and Daniel Zietlow with assistance from Gene Malowany. Print as a 22" x 22.5" poster. [6.4 MB jpg] [16.9 MB pdf]


Learn about InSAR, a remote sensing geodetic technique for measuring topography and deformation. This infographic was created by Sarah Moore, 2016 USIP Intern, with assistance from Shelley Olds, Scott Baker, and Gene Malowany. Designed as a three-paneled wall mounted poster. The center panel is 4' x 4' and the side panels are 2' x 4'. [12.3 MB jpg] [6.3 MB pdf]

Reading Interferograms and other InSAR Basics

How do you read an InSAR interferogram and how do we use them to study our Earth? Learn more with this poster suitable for introductory and upper-level geoscience classrooms. This poster was developed by Daniel Zietlow and Beth Bartel from an infographic created by Sarah Moore, Shelley Olds, Scott Baker, and Gene Malowany, with input from Beth Pratt-Sitaula. Special thanks to Gareth Funning for review and contributions. Latest version April 2019. Print as a 22.5" x 26" poster. Front: [4.6 MB jpg] [6.1 MB pdf]; Back: [7.7 MB jpg] [9.4 MB pdf]

What is Geodesy?

What is geodesy? How does geodesy work? What can we do with geodesy? Explore these questions and more with this introductory infographic. This infographic was created by Christopher Chase Edmunds, 2017 USIP Intern. Print as a 15" x 21.5" poster. [5.5 MB jpg] [1.5 MB pdf]

Geodetic Toolbox

There are a number of geodetic methods and tools: GPS, InSAR, lidar, gravity, borehole instrumentation, and photogrammetry. Learn more about them with this infographic created by Ellie Ellis, 2017 USIP Intern. [6.2 MB jpg] [3.6 MB pdf]

Measuring the Earth: The Science of Geodesy

This monthly series explores the how and why of geodesy. Created by Daniel Zietlow with assistance from Beth Bartel. [Link to series]

What is Geodesy Anyway?

This infographic series covers geodesy basics and applications. Created by Megan Berg. [Link to series]

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