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Velocity Map Posters

The UNAVCO Velocity Map Poster Series displays velocities of Global Positioning System (GPS) stations around the world on posters that are ideal for classrooms or labs. These velocities show how the surface of the Earth is changing over time as a result of plate tectonics.

Plate Boundary Observatory Posters

Download the posters to print or visit the UNAVCO booth at the 2015 Geological Society of America Meeting or the 2015 American Geophysical Union Meeting for high quality, poster-size hardcopies.

These posters display results from EarthScope's Plate Boundary Observatory, a network of more than 1,200 geophysical instruments throughout the United States. UNAVCO operates and maintains the network as one component of the Geodesy Advancing Geosciences and EarthScope (GAGE) cooperative agreement supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The arrows represent velocities of a selection of the GPS stations in the network. These tectonic motions are one of many scientific products coming out of the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO); the network also measures volcano deformation, earthquake motions, snow depth, soil moisture, ice loading or unloading, precipitable water vapor in the atmosphere, and other earth processes. Many sites are also equipped with meteorological sensors. Additionally, surveyors have come to rely on PBO stations as reference stations throughout the country.

All of the PBO data are archived at and freely available through UNAVCO. The GPS data are processed by GAGE's GPS Analysis Centers for PBO at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and Central Washington University. Velocities are calculated by GAGE's Analysis Center Coordinator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This work is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Tectonic Motions of the Western United States


Explore more about GPS stations, their velocities, and ground motions with the interactive map, GPS Velocity Viewer, and the associated classroom activity, Exploring Tectonic Motions of Alaska & Western United States.

Would you like a free set of these posters for your classroom? Send inquiries to educationunavco.org

Poster (front): Tectonic Motions of the Western U.S.

Front [jpg] [pdf]

Poster (back): Tectonic Motions of the Western U.S.

Back [jpg] [pdf]

Tectonic Motions of Alaska

Poster (front): Tectonic Motions of the Western U.S.

Front   [jpg] [pdf]

Poster (back): Tectonic Motions of the Western U.S.

Back [jpg] [pdf]

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