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The UNAVCO Global Data Ruler is a lenticular ruler which shifts images at it rotates and shows: the UNAVCO logo with on a natural color image of the Earth, GPS vectors indicating the plate motions, earthquakes around the world, and plate boundary strain rates.


Explore more about GPS stations, their velocities, and ground motions with the interactive map, GPS Velocity Viewer, and classroom activities.

Would you like a set of rulers for your classroom? Send inquiries to educationunavco.org

Ruler image details

Image 1:

This image is from the dataset taken from the Earth edition of Jules Verne Voyager is ARC Science Simulations' "Face of the Earth" image which shows the Earth's surface in natural colors.

Image 2:

The vector arrows are plate motion velocities determined from GPS data at selected IGS sites around the world in a "no-net-rotation" reference frame called ITRF2000.

Image 3:

This image shows of 40 years of NEIC earthquake hypocenters. The depth of the events is indicated by color:
green = shallow, magenta = very deep; see Jules Verne Voyager Earthquake Depth legend for more details.

Image 4:

The dataset shown in this image was created by the ILP Global Strain Rate Map edition of Jules Verne Voyager and is based on on the Global Strain Rate Map Project. It shows the "magnitude" of the lithospheric strain rate as the 2nd invariant of the model's strain rate tensor, demonstrating that the zone of deformation at plate boundaries can be quite broad. The colors indicate the magnitude of the strain rate:

  • magenta = very high strain rates
  • green = intermediate strain rates
  • blue = very low strain rates

(see Jules Verne Voyager Earth Ancillary Information legend for more details)


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