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Educational Giveaways

A number of materials are available to educators, including global data rulers, various posters, and downloadable infographics. Educators can request these materials either separately or as our UNAVCO Educator Packet, which includes the previously listed materials plus a calendar and stickers.

UNAVCO Educator Packet

The UNAVCO Educator Packet includes a suite of materials useful in both the classroom and informal educational environments. Designed for K-12 teachers, college professors, and informal outreach instructors, all these materials help students explore geodesy, geodetic data, and the role geodesy plays in our everday lives.

Velocity Map Posters

The UNAVCO Velocity Map Poster Series displays velocities of Global Positioning System (GPS) stations around the world on posters that are ideal for classrooms or labs. These velocities show how the surface of the Earth is changing over time as a result of plate tectonics.

What GPS Can Tell Us About Earth Infographic

GPS is helpful for more than just navigation. Explore how scientists can use GPS to measure snow depth, sea level, and more with this infographic.

What is Geodesy? Infographic

What is geodesy? How does geodesy work? What can we do with geodesy? Explore these questions and more with this introductory infographic.

UNAVCO Global Data Rulers

The UNAVCO Global Data Ruler is a lenticular ruler which shifts images at it rotates and shows: the UNAVCO logo with on a natural color image of the Earth, GPS vectors indicating the plate motions, earthquakes around the world, and plate boundary strain rates.

I Want to Be a Geoscientist / Quiero Ser Geocientífico

This two-sided flier features alumni from the RESESS internship program and their mini-stories of why they study geoscience. English on one side, Spanish on the other!

PBO-52 Playing Cards

PBO-52 is a deck of playing cards featuring GPS stations from the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory. This is a discontinued product and is included here for legacy purposes.


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