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Reports to Sponsors

UNAVCO is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) through various awards. UNAVCO provides reports to its sponsors as part of its responsibilities for continued funding.

GAGE Awards

Other Current Awards

  • Geo-Launchpad
    • 2015-2018 NSF Award 1540524: GP-EXTRA: Geo-Launchpad: Preparing Colorado Community College Students for Geoscience-Focused Careers
    • 2014-2016 NSF Award 1359469: REU Site: Leading Undergraduates in Challenges to Power Academic Development in Geosciences
  • GETSI (GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues)
    • 2017 - 2020 NSF Award 1725347: Collaborative Research: Implementing 21st century geodesy learning through faculty development and expanded applications of data to societal issues
    • 2016-2018 NSF Award 1612248: Collaborative Research: A Field-Based Curriculum for Quantifying Deformation of the Earth's Surface with Lasers, GPS and Cameras
    • 2013-2018 NSF Award 1245025: Collaborative Research: Geodesy curriculum for the 21st century-­ Innovative science for addressing societally critical issues (Final Report)
  • SAVI (Science Across Virtual Institutes)
    • 2013-2018 NSF Award EAR-1321641: SAVI: Building a framework between the EU and the USA to harmonize data products relevant to global research infrastructures in the environmental field

Other Past Awards

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