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UNAVCO 1996 Annual Report

C.4 Data Management and Archiving Group (DMAG) Staff

The Data Management and Archiving Group staff in FY97/98 include:

Meertens, Chuck (Group Head): Responsible for the development, operations, and management of the UNAVCO Boulder Facility Archive and related data management activities. Primary developer of the Web User Interface to the Archive. Supervises DMAG staff and manages the group's budgets. Member of the UNAVCO Management Team.

Estey, Lou (Software Programmer): Responsible for the operation, support, maintenance and development of the Oracle RDBMS. Supports a distributed user community for accessing and interpreting data collected on field projects and permanent networks. Archives field data, develops database tools, and develops strategies to meet evolving GPS data management needs. Maintains the UNAVCO Archive and Software Web pages. Co-developer for Web User Interface, permanent station data management tools, and seamless archive tools. Develops and provides user support for the TEQC program and related Archive data ingestion and extraction tools using Perl, HTML, and SQL.

McCallum, Myron (Software Programmer/Systems Analyst): Responsible for permanent station data archiving and contributes to archiving of campaign data. Administers and maintains Oracle and AMASS software systems. Project leader for the development and implementation of the seamless archive, CD-R data transfer, automatic scanning system, and the LDM data transfer activities.

Mencin, David (Development and Testing Engineer): Responsible for developing and testing remote communications software for automated data collection and retrieval from a diverse set of GPS receivers and communication and computer systems.

Richardson, Vera (Archivist): Responsible for in-office support to the data management group by updating and maintaining Archive data records while entering data into the Archive. Consults with investigators and UNAVCO staff and properly transfers older data into the Archive.

Wallhaus, Gretchen (Database Systems Administration): Responsible for new Oracle database schema development and maintenance of the Archive Database. Assists with Oracle programming and develops new SQL-based reporting tools.

Ramas, Jason (Student Assistant): Entry of campaign data into the Archive.

1997 Annual Report - 27 OCT 1997


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