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UNAVCO 1996 Annual Report

B.7 Direct Project Support for FY98

Tables 4, 5, and 6 in the main body of the report show the level of Boulder Facility support requested by NSF investigators in FY98 as presently known. The field engineer and/or equipment support hours shown in the Tables represent only the time spent in direct support of the specific projects listed. These Tables are updated during the year on a quarterly basis to include newly submitted proposals. The Facility is generally aware of about 30 - 50% of the total funded projects that will be supported in any given fiscal year at the beginning of the year. From our recent experience with the Peatland Bogs, Siberia hydrology, and White-Inyo Range projects, the Facility expects to see continued growth in the support requested by non-traditional, non-geodesy investigators in the future.

In addition to direct project support, the Facility will continue to improve hardware and software products used in permanent station installations. This includes investigating hardware for remote data communication, integrating multiple telecommunications techniques, assessing newer and lower cost lightning protection, and disseminating information regarding monumentation, antennas and antenna mounts. A high priority is meeting the community requirements for remote download and data management software necessary for robust long term operation for multiple receiver types, on a variety of platforms, and in a variety of communication situations.

UNAVCO plans to produce a software package to meet these requirements for Trimble, Ashtech, and Turborogue support under a single software umbrella on a UNIX-based platform in FY98. Trimble Navigation plans a fall 1997 release of their R-Utilities software on various UNIX-based operating systems including SUN Solaris, Intel Solaris, and Linex. The UNAVCO download software will be modified in 1998 to work on these systems. Ashtech and UNAVCO are working closely together to provide UNIX-based support to their product. Staff from both the Data Acquisition Group and Data Management and Archiving Group will work closely in FY98 on this software development.

1997 Annual Report - 27 OCT 1997


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