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UNAVCO 1996 Annual Report

B.5 Support to the Office of Polar Programs

The UNAVCO Boulder Facility provides year round support for scientific applications of GPS to the NSF's Office of Polar Programs (OPP) Antarctic Program. This support includes pre-season planning, training, equipment, field support, data processing support and post season follow-up, as well as development work for new applications. NSF-OPP funds the Facility directly for the incremental cost of support to Antarctic research projects but does not support the Facility management and infrastructure functions (e.g., supervisory, management, systems administration, and development and testing functions are not supported by OPP). A total of 19 Polar Program Sciences Events encompassing a range of scientific disciplines were supported throughout the 1996/1997 field season (Table B-2). More detailed information, including a 1996/97 season annual report, is available in the Polar Programs section of the UNAVCO Homepage. Figure B-3 shows the present project support schedule for the 1997/98 season. OPP funding to the Boulder Facility was $155,747 in FY97 and is projected at $164,079 for FY98.

Table B-2: 1996/1997 Antarctica Projects Supported by UNAVCO

Event Principal Investigator Receiver Days Used Support Level
S-098 Bell/Blankenship 368 Low
S-151 Nelia Dunbar 170 Medium
S-178 Gordon Hamilton 160 Low
S-163 Charlie Raymond 128 Low
S-042F Andrew Fountain 86 Medium
S-157 Barclay Kamb 41 High
S-058 Ralph Harvey 6 Low
S-005 Art DeVries 5 Low
S-168/180 Alley/Anandakrishnan 4 Low
ASA Engineering 4 Low
S-081 Philip Kyle 2 Low
S-216 Rob Dunbar 2 Low
VXE-6 Herc Ops 2 Low
S-009 Don Siniff 1 Low
S-042W Bob Wharton 0 Low
S-084 Ian Whillans 0 Low
S-320 Rikk Kvitek 0 Low
S-322 Doug Lowenthal 0 Low

Figure B-3. Projected UNAVCO Antarctic Project Support for the 1997/1998 Field Season. (Click to expand)

1997 Annual Report - 27 OCT 1997


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