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UNAVCO 1996 Annual Report

1.0 Boulder Facility Summary

The enclosed report details the FY97 and proposed FY98 activities of the UNAVCO Facilities, with emphasis on the Boulder and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) Facilities since this report forms the basis for NSF's funding allocation for Boulder and SIO for FY98. The crux of the Boulder Facility's activities on behalf of NSF-funded Principal Investigators remains the direct support of GPS data acquisition, data management, and data archiving. The Boulder Facility fulfills this role by providing GPS equipment, field engineering, technology development, training, technology transfer, data management, and data archiving support on a priority basis to NSF-funded projects, and on a resource-available basis to a broader community of university investigators. The remainder of section 1.0 provides a brief synopsis of FY97 and planned FY98 support activities of the Boulder Facility with additional details provided in Appendices B, C, and D. Section 2.3 discusses SIO's support role to the GPS research community.

1.1 - Data Acquisition
1.2 - Data Management and Archiving
1.3 - Boulder Facility Management and Community Activities

1997 Annual Report - 27 OCT 1997


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