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2011 AGU Fall Meeting - UNAVCO Posters

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Authors Poster Title and Link
Christine Puskas; Robert B. Smith; Wu-Lung Chang; Alan Cannaday; Christopher B. DuRoss Comparison of Moment Rates from GPS Observations and Late Quaternary Paleoearthquakes on the Wasatch Fault, Utah
Adrian A. Borsa; Jean-Bernard H. Minster Rapid Determination of Near-Fault Earthquake Deformation Using LIDAR
Elizabeth J. Van Boskirk; Michael H. Gottlieb; Kathleen M. Hodgkinson; David Mencin; Wade Johnson; Chad Pyatt; David B. Henderson; Otina Fox; Warren W. Gallaher; Michael E. Jackson 2011 Creep Event Observations in Borehole Strainmeter Instrumentation Along the San Andreas and San Jacinto Faults
William J. Wright; Xavier Comas; Lee D. Slater; Paul Monahan; Wagner Alcivar; Andrew Parsekian; Sarah Doelger; Karina V. Schafer; Andrew S. Reeve Autonomous ground penetrating radar (GPR) measurements for exploring biogenic gas dynamics of peat soils in a northern peatland
Susan C. Eriksson; Ramon Arrowsmith; Shelley E. Olds Professional Development for Researchers in Solid Earth Science Evolved to Include Scientific and Educational Content
Jeff McWhirter; Frances M. Boler; Yehuda Bock; Melinda B. Squibb; Louis Ratzesberger GSL: An Open Source Framework for the Rapid Development of Data Archive Access Services
Wade Johnson; Elizabeth Van Boskirk; David Mencin; Michael H. Gottlieb; Chad Pyatt; Kathleen M. Hodgkinson; Otina Fox; Warren W. Gallaher; Adrian A. Borsa The Plate Boundary Observatory Borehole Network: Geologic Resources from Drilling and Logging
Kenneth Austin; Adrian A. Borsa; Karl Feaux; Todd B. Williams; Michael E. Jackson The EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) Cascadia High-rate Real-time GPS Network - Network Completion to Data Products
Henry T. Berglund; Frederick Blume; Lou Estey; Seth White GPS/GNSS Interference from Iridium Data Transmitters
Wu-Lung Chang; Robert B. Smith; Jamie Farrell; Christine Puskas Temporal Variations of Yellowstone Ground Deformation, 2004-2011, from Geodetic Observations and Magmatic Source Modeling
Donald Murray; Jeff McWhirter; Joseph D. Intsiful; Stefano Cozzini Building climate adaptation capabilities through technology and community
Timothy Dittmann; Karl Feaux; David Kasmer; Fred Jenkins; David Mencin 2011 Operations and Maintenance Activities in the East Region of UNAVCO’s Plate Boundary Observatory
Max Enders; Eleanor S. Boyce; Ryan Bierma; Kristen Walker; Karl Feaux The Earthscope Plate Boundary Observatory Alaska Region an Overview of Network Operation, Maintenance and Improvement
Christian P. Walls; Andre Basset; Doerte Mann; Shawn Lawrence; Chelsea Jarvis; Karl Feaux; Michael E. Jackson PBO Southwest Region: Baja Earthquake Response and Network Operations
Joshua C. Spinler; Richard A. Bennett; J J. Gonzalez-Garcia; Christian P. Walls Coseismic and Postseismic Deformation Associated with the Mw7.2 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake, Baja California, Mexico, from GPS Geodesy
Kathleen M. Hodgkinson; David Mencin; Adrian A. Borsa; Otina Fox; Warren W. Gallaher; Michael H. Gottlieb; David B. Henderson; Wade Johnson; Chad Pyatt; Liz Van Boskirk Calibrated Plate Boundary Observatory Borehole Strainmeter Data
Lou Estey; Stuart Wier GLONASS Orbits in Teqc: Methodology and Future Extension for Using SP3 Orbits
Megan Berg Video podcasts as a long-distance outreach tool: Polar science from Byrd Camp, West Antarctica
Theresa Carranza-Fulmer/Jennifer Gannon/Jeff Love Determining the Accuracy of the USGS Near Real-time Dst as a Driver to External Magnetic Field Models
David Mencin; Henry Heasler; Kathleen M. Hodgkinson; Adrian A. Borsa; Jenna Lente Possible Seiches in Lake Yellowstone and Their Implications
Frederick Blume; Guoquan Wang Performance of High-Rate Kinematic GPS During Strong Shaking: Observations from Shake Table Tests and the 2010 Maule and 2011 Tohoku Earthquakes
Barrett T. Friesen; Korey Dausz; Karl Feaux COCONet, The Continuously Operating Caribbean GPS Observational Network: Construction Progress and Highlights
Frances M. Boler; Andrew Gorman Ensuring Credit to Data Creators: A Case Study for Geodesy
Jean Vandemeulebrouck; Shaul Hurwitz; Malcolm J. Johnston; Maxwell L. Rudolph; Leif Karlstrom; Robert A. Sohn; Fred Murphy; Darcy K. McPhee; Jonathan M. Glen; Samuel A. Soule; Charles M. Meertens Periodic flow instabilities during Lone Star Geyser (YNP) eruptions, as deduced from acoustic measurements.
Michael G. Bevis; John M. Wahr; Shfaqat A. Khan; Finn Bo Madsen; Abel K. Brown; Michael J. Willis; Eric C. Kendrick; Per Knudsen; Tonie M. van Dam; Jason E. Box; Dana J. Caccamise; Bjorn Johns; Thomas Nylen; Robin Abbott; Seth White; Rene Forsberg; Hao Zhou; Olivier Francis; Jian Wang; Terry J. Wilson GNET detected an anomalous "spike" in ice loss in Greenland during the 2010 melting season
Breanna Skeets; Holly R. Barnard; Anya Byers Water uptake of trees in a montane forest catchment and the geomorphological potential of root growth in Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory, Rocky Mountains, Colorado


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