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2010 AGU Fall Meeting - UNAVCO Posters

Posters are listed alphabetically by first author. These PDF files were optimized to reduce download times and are not meant to be print quality.

Authors Poster Title and Link
K.E. Austin; A.A. Borsa; K. Feaux; M.E. Jackson; T.B. Williams The EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) High-rate Real-time Cascadia network
J. Baez; K. Bataille; A. Tassara; M.G. Bevis; E.C. Kendrick; C. Vigny; B.A. Brooks; R. Smalley; I.M. Ryder; H. Parra; M. Moreno; D. Melnick; S.E. Barrientos; F. Blume Co- and Post-Seismic Surface Deformation Produced by the Maule Earthquake as Observed by a Dense Network of Continuous GPS Stations
H. Berglund; F. Blume; L.H. Estey; A.A. Borsa The Effects of L2C Signal Tracking on High-Precision Carrier Phase GPS Positioning
F. Blume; C.M. Meertens; B.A. Brooks; M.G. Bevis; R. Smalley; H. Parra; J. Baez Rapid GNSS and Data Communication System Deployments In Chile and Argentina Following the M8.8 Maule Earthquake
F.M. Boler; G. Blewitt; C.W. Kreemer; Y. Bock; C.E. Noll; J. McWhirter; P. Jamason; M.B. Squibb Geodetic Seamless Archive Centers Modernization – Information Technology for Exploiting the Data Explosion
T.L. Carranza-fulmer; J.L. Gannon; J.J. Love Analysis of Three Real-Time Dst Indices
B.J. Douglas; D.A. Phillips; C.M. Meertens; W. Simmons Introducing Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) to Undergraduate Geology Curricula: Insights from the Indiana University G429 Field Course, Summer 2010M
E.A. Feliciano; S. Wdowinski; M. Potts; S. Chin; D.A. Phillips Measuring Above Ground Biomass and Vegetation Structure in the South Florida Everglades Wetland Ecosystem with X-, C-, and L-band SAR data and Ground-based LiDAR
M.W. Hamburger; C.M. Meertens Jules Verne Voyager, Jr: An Interactive Map Tool for Teaching Plate Tectonics
Y. Ho; W.J. Weber; J. Chastang; D. Murray; J. McWhirter Visualization and data sharing of COSMIC radio occultation dataset
K.M. Hodgkinson; D. Mencin; D.B. Henderson; A.A. Borsa; W. Johnson; M.H. Gottlieb; E. Van Boskirk; W. Gallaher; O. Fox; J. Smith; M.E. Jackson The Plate Boundary Observatory Borehole and Laser Strainmeter Network: Combining Geodetic, Seismic and Environmental Data to Understand Plate Boundary Deformation.
M. Hubenthal; L.W. Braile; S.E. Olds; J. Taber Discovering and measuring a layered Earth: A foundational laboratory for developing students’ understanding of Earth’s interior structure
W. Johnson; O. Fox; D. Mencin; W. Gallaher; M.H. Gottlieb; K.M. Hodgkinson; C. Pyatt; E. Van Boskirk; M.E. Jackson The PBO borehole seismometer network.
E.C. Kendrick; M.G. Bevis; A.K. Brown; F. Madsen; S.A. Khan; M.J. Willis; T. vanDam; R. Forsberg; J.E. Box; T.J. Wilson; D. Caccamise II; S.A. Konfal; B. Johns Earth’s Elastic Response to Seasonal Cycles in Surface Loading in Greenland and Antarctica.
A. Lopez; G.P. Hayes A Comparison of Regional 3-D Subduction Models in the Western Pacific to Subduction Models from Slab1.0
F.A. Martinez-Torres; G.P. Hayes Improving Slab 1.0 Subduction Zone Models Using Regional Constraints from the Eastern Pacific
G.A. Mattei; K.M. Keranen; E. Asencio Gravity Modeling of the Cerro Goden fault zone, NW Puerto Rico
J. McWhirter; F.M. Boler; Y. Bock; P. Jamason; M.B. Squibb; C.E. Noll; G. Blewitt; C.W. Kreemer The Geodetic Seamless Archive Centers Service Layer: A System Architecture for Federating Geodesy Data Repositories
C.M. Meertens; C. Baru; B. Blair; C.J. Crosby; T.M. Haran; D.J. Harding; M.A. Hofton; S.S. Khalsa; J. McWhirter Interoperable Data Systems for Satellite, Airborne, and Terrestrial LiDAR Data[ppt]
S.E. Olds Discovering plate boundaries: Laboratory and classroom exercises using geodetic data to develop students’ understanding of plate motion
J. Pitlick; C.M. Meertens; J.J. Major; J. Normandeau; K. Spicer Identifying sediment sources and quantifying rates of erosion along the North Fork Toutle River near Mount St. Helens, WA
D.A. Phillips; G. Wang; J. Joyce; F.O. Rivera; G. Galan; C.M. Meertens The Integration of TLS and Continuous GPS to Study Landslide Deformation: A Case Study at the El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico
D. Prado; S.J. Mojzsis Thermal Forensics of Zircons from the Mesoproterozoic Subdury Impact Structure (Ontario, Canada)
J.G. Ryan; S.C. Eriksson Planning for the Future of Geo-Cybereducation: Outcomes of the Workshop, Challenges, and Future Directions.
V. Sloan Every Student Counts: Broadening Participation in the Geosciences through a Multiyear Internship Program
J.C. Spinler; R.A. Bennett; J.J. Gonzalez-Garcia; C.P. Walls; S. Lawrence GPS Measurements of crustal motion associated with the 2010 Mw 7.2 Sierra El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake, Baja California, Mexico
E. Van Boskirk; M.H. Gottlieb; W. Johnson; D. Mencin; K.M. Hodgkinson; B. Henderson; W. Gallaher; O. Fox; M.E. Jackson 2010 Strainmeter Network Observations Along the Western Coast of North America
C.P. Walls; S. Lawrence; A. Bassett; D. Mann; A.A. Borsa; M.E. Jackson; K. Feaux UNAVCO Response to the M7.2 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake
G. Wang; F. Blume; C.M. Meertens; P. Ibanez; M. Schulze Accuracy Assessment of High-Rate Kinematic GPS Based on Six-Degree-of-Freedom Shake Table Tests
P.L. Williams; D.A. Phillips; E. Bowles-martinez; E. Masana; P. Stepancikova Identification of Geomorphic Conditions Favoring Preservation of Multiple Individual Displacements Across Transform Faults
T.B. Williams; K.E. Austin; A.A. Borsa; K. Feaux; M.E. Jackson; W. Johnson; D. Mencin Comparison of Deep Drill Braced Monument (DDBM) and Borehole Strainmeter (BSM) Wellhead GPS antenna mounts: a Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) case study from Dinsmore, CA.

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