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Membership Information

UNAVCO, Inc. is a nonprofit university-governed organization that facilitates geoscience research and education using geodesy. Full Members are educational or nonprofit institutions chartered in the United States (US) or its Territories who are willing to make a clear and continuing commitment to active participation in the activities of the organization. Such activities include corporate governance and participation in decisions that affect the programs, facilities, and scientific mission of UNAVCO. Associate Members are non-US educational or research institutions.

Benefits of Membership

  • A direct role in setting policy and priority for the UNAVCO community and facilities (Full Members only)
  • An institutional vote in the election of members of the UNAVCO Board of Directors (Full Members only)
  • Membership in an international community committed to scholarly research and education using geodesy
  • Eligible to request financial support for participation in UNAVCO meetings, short courses and workshops
  • Access to UNAVCO pricing for Septentrio GNSS receivers for Member institutions; other vendors may individually offer discounted pricing to UNAVCO Members

Membership Application

Before applying for Member or Associate Member status, please ensure that you have read the UNAVCO Bylaws carefully.

Membership is contingent upon acceptance by the UNAVCO Board of Directors and remittance of a $1000 USD membership fee after membership is approved. Fee waivers may be considered upon request.

Request a UNAVCO Membership Application via email: communityunavco.org.

Changing the Designation of a Membership Representative

Each Member and Associate Member must assign a member representative who will represent their organization in all communications and interaction between the Member institution and UNAVCO.

In the event of a change in the member representative, notice should be filed with the Secretary of the Corporation, and should be copied to communityunavco.org.


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