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Re: teqc w/ GLONASS


I get these questions all the time, so I'm sending this out to
the whole teqc email group.  (Hope you don't mind. :)

> (a) Can teqc translate raw files with GPS and GLONASS present
> (Z18 data for example).

Sure, but there are some caveats.  See


The biggest pain is the occasional need to supply the slot-to-frequency
number mapping for the GLONASS SVs.

> (b) Can teqc strip glonass satellites out of a rinex file
> which has both gps and glonass leaving a rinex file with
> only gps or glosnass satellites present?

Sure; see:

(This just shows RINEX-to-RINEX, but the same editing options apply
when doing raw-to-RINEX.)  You will also probably want to use something
like "-R -O.s G" to filter out all GLONASS, and correctly set the
RINEX system flag to "G" in the RINEX OBS header.  The latter item
is mentioned on the teqc bug page, currently the 1st purple item:

(This is another one of those things you can't determine a priori in
a one-pass filter for a RINEX header.)


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