UNAVCO provides data from borehole strainmeters, seismometers, pore pressure sensors, creepmeters, and tiltmeters

PNUMStation NameInstalledArrayRawProcessedDrillingNotesTime Series
AVN2osageavn2bok20162016-09-10OklahomaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B001golbeck01bwa20052005-06-29PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B003FloeQuaryBWA20052005-06-21PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B004hokofallsbwa20052005-06-15PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B005shoresnw1bwa20052005-07-19PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B006shoresne2bwa20052005-07-28PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B007shoresso3bwa20052005-07-23PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B009pacgeosi1bbc20052005-09-14VancouverBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B010pacgeosi2bbc20052005-09-26VancouverBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B011pacgeosi3bbc20052005-09-13VancouverBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B012ucluelet1bbc20052005-09-22VancouverBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B013PnyCrk013bwa20072007-01-05PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B014quinlt014bwa20082008-03-04PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B017flinkm017bwa20072007-07-11PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B018delphi018bor20062006-01-21PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B019waldrf019bwa20082008-05-12PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B020wirkla020bwa20082008-03-30PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B022seaside22bor20062006-02-02PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B023cataln023bor20082008-05-16PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B024kuntza024bor20062006-02-22PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B026roosbc026bor20072007-02-24PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B027Lester027BOR20072007-04-12PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B028Lester028BOR20072007-03-19PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B030pattrs030bor20072007-10-22PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B031hergrt031bor20072007-11-30PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B032hergrt032bor20072007-12-02PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B033vanvlk033bor20072007-12-13PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B035grants035bor20062006-03-19PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B036Grants036BOR20072007-05-08PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B039cofflt039bcn20072007-10-15PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B040yorkmn040bcn20072007-10-12PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B045rdcrst045bcn20082008-09-17Mendocino CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B054sibley054bcn20082008-08-21San Francisco CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B057lucasv057bcn20082008-06-10San Francisco CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B058sjgrad058bcn20072007-05-17San Juan Bautista CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B065Gabiln065BCN20072007-06-22San Juan Bautista CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B066RockRd066BCN20072007-06-07San Juan Bautista CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B067Stoney067BCN20072007-06-12San Juan Bautista CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B072goldhl072bcn20072007-08-27Parkfield CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B073Varian073BCS20062006-10-18Parkfield CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B075flengt075bcs20062006-10-13Parkfield CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B076DonnaL076BCS20062006-10-13Parkfield CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B078GoldHl078BCS20062006-10-12Parkfield CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B079JackCn079BCS20062006-10-13Parkfield CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B081keenwi081bcs20062006-06-16Anza CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B082pathfi082bcs20062006-06-10Anza CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B084pinyon084bcs20062006-09-15Anza CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B086santar086bcs20062006-06-17Anza CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B087fordra087bcs20062006-06-17Anza CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B088SkyOks088BCS20072007-01-28Anza CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B089pathfi089bcs20062006-08-28Anza CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B093trippf093bcs20072007-09-20Anza CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B201coldwt201bwa20072007-09-12Mt. St. HelensBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B202windyr202bwa20072007-07-25Mt. St. HelensBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B203quarry203bwa20072007-07-18Mt. St. HelensBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B204marble204bwa20072007-08-01Mt. St. HelensBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B206canyon206bwy20082008-06-27YellowstoneBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B207madisn207bwy20072007-10-17YellowstoneBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B208lakejn208bwy20072007-10-31YellowstoneBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B900blacka900bcn20072007-08-22Parkfield CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B901indspr901bcn20072007-09-26Parkfield CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B916marips916bcs20082008-03-13Mojave CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B917tonyso917bcs20082008-07-14Mojave CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B918mtsprn918bcs20082008-06-21Mojave CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B921randsb921bcs20082008-06-03Mojave CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B926cowich926bbc20072007-11-12VancouverBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B927albern927bbc20072007-12-06VancouverBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B928bamfld928bbc20072007-11-28VancouverBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B933mckeem933bcn20082008-09-12Mendocino CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B934legget934bcn20082008-09-26Mendocino CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B935dinsmr935bcn20082008-10-28Mendocino CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B941kapows941bwa20082008-03-18PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B943pnycrk943bwa20082008-02-26PacificNorthWestBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B944grantt944bwy20082008-08-06YellowstoneBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B946sagebf946bcs20102010-07-22Anza CaliforniaBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
B950norris950bwy20132013-10-01YellowstoneBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
BOZ1marmaboz1btr20152015-10-11MarmaraBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
BUY1marmabuy1btr20142014-08-26MarmaraBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
ESN1marmaesn1btr20152015-10-05MarmaraBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
HALKmarmahalkbtr20152015-12-03MarmaraBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS
SIV1marmasiv1btr2018N/AMarmaraBottle | SEED | ASCIIN/ALOGSPDFPLOTS
TEPEmarmatepebtr20152015-08-11MarmaraBottle | SEED | ASCIIXML | ASCIILOGSPDFPLOTS

Borehole Strainmeter (BSM) data include strain data from the BSM instrument as well as a host of environmental data from the surface and at depth. These data are recorded at different sampling rates. For NOTA strainmeters extensional strain is positive. Processed BSM data are available from both UNAVCO and IRIS; raw BSM data is available from IRIS. Please see the PBO Data Management System Critical Design Review for an explanation of the BSM data formats.

PNUMStation NameInstalledData LoggerData Logger Installed DateDataless Seed File
B001golbeck01bwa20052005-06-29Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B003FloeQuaryBWA20052005-06-21Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULP2013-02-05Dataless Seed
B004hokofallsbwa20052005-06-15QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2020-10-14Dataless Seed
B005shoresnw1bwa20052005-07-19Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B006shoresne2bwa20052005-07-28Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B007shoresso3bwa20052005-07-23Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B009pacgeosi1bbc20052005-09-14Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B010pacgeosi2bbc20052005-09-26Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B011pacgeosi3bbc20052005-09-13Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B012ucluelet1bbc20052005-09-22Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B013PnyCrk013bwa20072007-01-05QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2013-07-23Dataless Seed
B014quinlt014bwa20082008-03-04QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2017-07-06Dataless Seed
B017flinkm017bwa20072007-07-11QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-07-12Dataless Seed
B018delphi018bor20062006-01-21Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B019waldrf019bwa20082008-05-12QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-01-20Dataless Seed
B020wirkla020bwa20082008-03-30QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B022seaside22bor20062006-02-02QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2013-03-06Dataless Seed
B023cataln023bor20082008-05-16QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2016-01-13Dataless Seed
B024kuntza024bor20062006-02-22QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-01-20Dataless Seed
B026roosbc026bor20072007-02-24BASALT 8X, 24-BIT 8-CHANNEL SYSTEM RECORDER2018-04-16Dataless Seed
B027Lester027BOR20072007-04-12Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULP2017-10-10Dataless Seed
B028Lester028BOR20072007-03-19QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-03-20Dataless Seed
B030pattrs030bor20072007-10-22QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-10-24Dataless Seed
B031hergrt031bor20072007-11-30QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B032hergrt032bor20072007-12-02QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B033vanvlk033bor20072007-12-13QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B035grants035bor20062006-03-19QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2015-01-13Dataless Seed
B036Grants036BOR20072007-05-08QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-05-08Dataless Seed
B039cofflt039bcn20072007-10-15QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-10-18Dataless Seed
B040yorkmn040bcn20072007-10-12QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-10-16Dataless Seed
B045rdcrst045bcn20082008-09-17QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-04-06Dataless Seed
B046mattol046scn20082008-08-26QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2021-05-18Dataless Seed
B047chapmn047scn20082008-09-04QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2008-09-04Dataless Seed
B049mirand049scn20082008-11-12QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2008-11-12Dataless Seed
B054sibley054bcn20082008-08-21QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B057lucasv057bcn20082008-06-10QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2008-06-15Dataless Seed
B058sjgrad058bcn20072007-05-17QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2011-10-12Dataless Seed
B058sjgrad058bcn20072007-05-17QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2011-10-12Dataless Seed
B065Gabiln065BCN20072007-06-22QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-06-23Dataless Seed
B066RockRd066BCN20072007-06-07QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B067Stoney067BCN20072007-06-12QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-06-30Dataless Seed
B072goldhl072bcn20072007-08-27QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2018-09-12Dataless Seed
B073Varian073BCS20062006-10-18QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2013-04-17Dataless Seed
B075flengt075bcs20062006-10-13QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B076DonnaL076BCS20062006-10-13QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B078GoldHl078BCS20062006-10-12QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-06-16Dataless Seed
B079JackCn079BCS20062006-10-13QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2006-10-28Dataless Seed
B079JackCn079BCS20062006-10-13QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2006-10-28Dataless Seed
B081keenwi081bcs20062006-06-16QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2006-11-15Dataless Seed
B082pathfi082bcs20062006-06-10QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2006-06-09Dataless Seed
B084pinyon084bcs20062006-09-15Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULP2006-11-15Dataless Seed
B086santar086bcs20062006-06-17QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-01-05Dataless Seed
B087fordra087bcs20062006-06-13QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2006-11-17Dataless Seed
B088SkyOks088BCS20072007-01-28QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-03-12Dataless Seed
B093trippf093bcs20072007-09-20QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-09-21Dataless Seed
B201coldwt201bwa20072007-09-12QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-03-15Dataless Seed
B202windyr202bwa20072007-07-25QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-07-26Dataless Seed
B202windyr202bwa20072007-07-25QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-07-26Dataless Seed
B203quarry203bwa20072007-07-18QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-07-19Dataless Seed
B204marble204bwa20072007-08-01QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-08-03Dataless Seed
B205norris205bwy20082008-07-16N/ADataless Seed
B206canyon206bwy20082008-06-27QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2008-06-28Dataless Seed
B207madisn207bwy20072007-10-17QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B208lakejn208bwy20072007-10-31QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B900blacka900bcn20072007-08-22QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-01-20Dataless Seed
B900blacka900bcn20072007-08-22QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-01-20Dataless Seed
B901indspr901bcn20072007-09-26QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-09-27Dataless Seed
B916marips916bcs20082008-03-13QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2008-03-15Dataless Seed
B917tonyso917bcs20082008-07-14QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2008-07-14Dataless Seed
B918mtsprn918bcs20082008-06-21QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2008-06-26Dataless Seed
B921randsb921bcs20082008-06-03QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2008-06-04Dataless Seed
B926cowich926bbc20072007-11-12QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-11-15Dataless Seed
B927albern927bbc20072007-12-06QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2007-12-10Dataless Seed
B928bamfld928bbc20072007-11-28QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULPN/ADataless Seed
B932burogh932scn20082008-10-17QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-04-27Dataless Seed
B933mckeem933bcn20082008-09-12QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-04-06Dataless Seed
B934legget934bcn20082008-09-26QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-04-07Dataless Seed
B935dinsmr935bcn20082008-10-28Quanterra Q330 3Ch. ULP2008-10-28Dataless Seed
B941kapows941bwa20082008-03-18QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2008-03-24Dataless Seed
B943pnycrk943bwa20082008-02-26QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2008-02-28Dataless Seed
B944grantt944bwy20082008-08-06QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2018-10-25Dataless Seed
B944grantt944bwy20082008-08-06QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2017-02-23Dataless Seed
B945panthr945swy20082008-09-04QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2017-10-03Dataless Seed
B946sagebf946bcs20102010-07-22QUANTERRA Q330 6 CH. ULP2010-07-26Dataless Seed

Seismic data are collected by short-period seismometers installed in the NOTA boreholes. There are 79 borehole seismometers currently operating in the NOTA borehole network. Standard NOTA sample rates are 1 and 100 Hz with some sites in California also collecting data at 200 Hz. The majority of the seismometers are installed in the same borehole and just a few meters above a borehole strainmeter. The data are available in near real time from the IRIS DMC.

PNUMStation NameInstalledInstrumentRAW Data FilesTime Series
B201coldwt201bwa20072007-09-12TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B202windyr202bwa20072007-07-25TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B203quarry203bwa20072007-07-18TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B204marble204bwa20072007-08-01TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B205norris205bwy20082008-07-16TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B206canyon206bwy20082008-06-27TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B207madisn207bwy20072007-10-17TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B208lakejn208bwy20072007-10-31TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B944grantt944bwy20082008-08-06TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B945panthr945swy20082008-09-04TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B950norris950bwy20132013-10-01TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
P690MSH_SRidgeWA20052005-02-02TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
P691MSH_StdBkrWA20062006-09-22TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
P693MSH_NWDomeWA20042004-10-14TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS
P698MSH_SESlpeWA20042004-11-04TILTMETERASCII Data FilesPLOTS

UNAVCO operates small aperture arrays around volcanic sites in the Washington, Wyoming and Alaska. Tilt data are recorded by 10 biaxial borehole tiltmeters at Mount St. Helens, 4 in Yellowstone, and 12 in Alaska. Many of the tiltmeters are co-located with NOTA seismic and strainmeter sites. Data are sampled at 1 Hz and 1-minute intervals, and are made available in time-stamped ASCII format in units of radians from UNAVCO.

Tiltmeter data are available from NOTA instruments in four separate arrays: two in Alaska on Akutan and Unimak islands, one on Mt. St. Helens, and one in Yellowstone National Park.

Raw (Level 0) tiltmeter data consist of ASCII files containing X/Y tilt. Sampling rates are either 1 Hz or 1 sample-per-minute, depending on the station. There are no processed tiltmeter data products because raw tilt data can be directly used in modeling or to monitor deformation.

PNUMStation NameInstalledInstrumentRAW Data FilesTime Series
B001golbeck01bwa20052005-06-29PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B004hokofallsbwa20052005-06-15PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B005shoresnw1bwa20052005-07-19PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B010pacgeosi2bbc20052005-09-26PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B011pacgeosi3bbc20052005-09-13PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B012ucluelet1bbc20052005-09-22PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B022seaside22bor20062006-02-02PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B028Lester028BOR20072007-03-19PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B058sjgrad058bcn20072007-05-17PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B067Stoney067BCN20072007-06-12PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B073Varian073BCS20062006-10-18PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B081keenwi081bcs20062006-06-16PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B082pathfi082bcs20062006-06-10PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B084pinyon084bcs20062006-09-15PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B086santar086bcs20062006-06-17PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B087fordra087bcs20062006-06-13PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS
B946sagebf946bcs20102010-07-22PORE_PRESSURE_MONITORASCII Data FilesPLOTS

Pore pressure sensors measure pore fluid pressure in the NOTA boreholes. Data are collected at 1 Hz from 23 of the boreholes and are made available in SEED format, from the IRIS DMC, and in time-stamped ASCII format from UNAVCO. The sensors are installed above the strainmeters and seismometers and help form a complete picture of the nature of strain transients in the surrounding area.

A subset of NOTA borehole installations include pore pressure sensors installed at depth. Most of the sensors are in the Pacific Northwest, with the remainder deployed in NOTA’s Parkfield, CA and Anza, CA borehole arrays.

Raw pore pressure data at a 1-Hz sampling rate are available in ASCII-format files. There are no processed data products because raw pore pressure data can be directly used.

SiteObliquityLatitudeLongitudeFault segment
AK30°30.892566.5334Amir Khan, Chaman Fault, Pakistan
CH35°40.870132.6285Cherry, NAF, Turkey
DU30°33.412-115.795Pipeline SSA Durmid Hill, California
FE30°33.4572-115.8539Ferrum SSA Durmid Hill, California
GB30°35.5239-117.3731Garlock, 8 mm cracks, California
GD30°35.4434-117.6832Garlock Fault, California
GS30°35.5022-117.4678Garlock, Searles Valley, 10 mm cracks, California
GT30°35.4695-117.5919Garlock, near Trona Road, 5 mm cracks, California
HA30°40.872932.6603Hamamli NAF, Turkey
IR30°33.57-115.9785Indian Ring SSA North Shore, California
IZ28°40.721129.9465Izmit NAF, Turkey
NS45°33.5307-115.9388North Shore SSA North Shore, California
PE30°40.865732.5976Petrol NAF, Turkey
PN30°38.69939.9537Palu North EAF, Turkey
PS30°38.69939.9537Palu South EAF, Turkey
QE30°33.6473-116.078E. Quarry SSA Mecca Hills, California
QW30°33.6526-116.0846W. Quarry SSA Mecca Hills, California
R735°35.596-117.4019M7.1, rupture Pinnacle Rd, Ridgecrest, California
RA30°35.6189-117.5722M6.4, rupture Randsburg Wash road, Ridgecrest, California
RB30°35.6189-117.5722M6.4 rupture Randsburg Wash road, Ridgecrest, California
RC30°30.85366.519Rail Crossing, Chaman Fault, Pakistan
RR45°32.7812-115.4485Ross Road, Imperial Fault, California
SC30°33.4485-115.8437Salt Creek SSA Durmid Hill, California
SC72°33.4485-115.8437Salt Creek SSA Durmid Hill, California
SE28°40.869232.6194Sazlik W. NAF, Turkey
SH30°33.3713-115.7808North Shoreline Fault, California
SL30°40.720929.9720Seller NAF, Turkey
SU30°32.9303-115.7009Carbon - Superstition Hills Fault, California
SU30°32.9303-115.7009Invar - Superstition Hills Fault, California
SW28°40.869732.6209Sazlik E. NAF, Turkey
TE38°40.72130.0784Tepetarla NAF, Turkey
WN33°40.869832.6258Ismetpasa Wall north NAF, Turkey
WS33°40.869732.6258Ismetpasa Wall south NAF, Turkey
XMR30°36.592-121.1867SA Melendy Ranch, California

Creepmeter data from ~35 creepmeters located in California and Turkey are comprised of measurements of aseismic fault slip using a length-standard anchored to one side of the fault and buried obliquely through the fault zone.  Displacements of the free end of the length standard (an invar or carbon rod) relative a second anchor on the far side of the fault are tabulated in each of the files.  Fault parallel slip is derived by dividing the listed displacements by the cosine of the obliquity of the rod relative to the strike of the fault. The relevant obliquity is listed in degrees next to the two letter site code of each creepmeter.

SSA = Southern San Andreas fault. NAF = North Anatolian Fault. EAF = East Anatolian Fault.

NOTA Laser Strainmeters

PNUMStation NameInstalledArrayRawProcessedNotes
CHL1CholameHl1CN20082008-09-04Laser StrainmetersICE-9 IRISXML | ASCIITEXT
CHL2CholameHl2CN20082008-09-04Laser StrainmetersICE-9 IRISXML | ASCIITEXT
DHL1durmidlsm1cs2008N/ALaser StrainmetersICE-9 IRISXML | ASCIITEXT
DHL2durmidhillcs20052005-09-01Laser StrainmetersICE-9 IRISXML | ASCIITEXT
GVS1glendallsmcs20052005-09-01Laser StrainmetersICE-9 IRISXML | ASCIITEXT
SCS1saltncity1cs20062006-10-01Laser StrainmetersICE-9 IRISXML | ASCIITEXT
SCS2saltncity2cs20062006-10-01Laser StrainmetersICE-9 IRISXML | ASCIITEXT

Raw data files from the NOTA Laser Strainmeter (LSM) Network are recorded at various sampling rates and are available in the native format of the Ice Nine logger and are available from the strainmeter archives at NCEDC and IRIS DMC. Additionally, raw data are available in SEED format, enabling users of the data to generate requests for these data with existing data center request mechanisms, thereby allowing a user to sort, delimit, and group these data jointly with all the appropriately related environmental sensor data that is collected in addition to the raw strain data. SEED data are available using all the traditional SEED request methods from IRIS DMC and NCEDC.

Please see PBO Data Management System Critical Design Review for an explanation of the LSM data formats.

Non-NOTA Laser Strainmeters

PNUMStation NameInstalledArrayRawProcessedNotes
PFO4pinonflat4cs20082005-05-20Laser StrainmetersN/AXMLTEXT
PFO5pinonflat5cs20082005-05-20Laser StrainmetersN/AXMLTEXT
PFO6pinonflat6cs20082005-05-20Laser StrainmetersN/AXMLTEXT

The table above provides links to other Laser Strainmeters in the United States. These LSMs are not NOTA strainmeters; they are operated and maintained by Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics of the University of California, San Diego. UNAVCO simply provides links to the data from these instruments.

DateLink to USGS Event PageBSM DataGPS Data
2021-07-08BSM Data
2021-05-21BSM Data
2021-03-20BSM Data
2021-02-13BSM Data
2021-02-10BSM Data
2020-10-30BSM Data
2020-10-01BSM Data
2020-07-22BSM Data
2020-06-24BSM Data
2020-06-23BSM Data
2020-03-31BSM Data
2020-03-25BSM Data
2020-03-18BSM Data
2020-01-28BSM Data
2019-10-15BSM Data
2019-10-15BSM Data
2019-07-14BSM Data
2019-07-06BSM Data
2019-07-04BSM Data
2019-05-26BSM Data
2019-05-14BSM Data
2019-05-06BSM Data
2019-02-22BSM Data
2018-12-20BSM Data
2018-12-05BSM Data
2018-11-30BSM Data
2018-10-22BSM Data
2018-09-28BSM Data
2018-08-22BSM Data
2018-08-21BSM Data
2018-08-19BSM Data
2018-05-04BSM Data
2018-04-05BSM Data
2018-02-25BSM Data
2018-02-16BSM Data
2018-01-23BSM Data
2018-01-14BSM Data
2018-01-10BSM Data
2018-01-04BSM Data
2017-11-12BSM Data
2017-09-19BSM Data
2017-09-08BSM Data
2017-07-17BSM Data
2017-05-01BSM Data
2017-01-22BSM Data
2016-12-28BSM Data
2016-12-14BSM Data
2016-12-08BSM Data
2016-11-21BSM Data
2016-11-13BSM Data
2016-11-07BSM Data
2016-09-03BSM Data
2016-08-19BSM Data
2016-08-12BSM Data
2016-06-10BSM Data
2016-05-28BSM Data
2016-05-28BSM Data
2016-04-16BSM Data
2016-04-15BSM Data
2016-03-02BSM Data
2016-01-30BSM Data
2016-01-24BSM Data
2015-12-30BSM Data
2015-12-07BSM Data
2015-12-04BSM Data
2015-11-24BSM Data
2015-10-26BSM Data
2015-09-16BSM Data
2015-09-13BSM Data
2015-08-17BSM Data
2015-07-27BSM Data
2015-05-30BSM Data
2015-05-29BSM Data
2015-05-12BSM Data
2015-05-07BSM Data
2015-05-05BSM Data
2015-04-25BSM Data
2015-04-24BSM Data
2015-03-29BSM Data
2014-10-14BSM Data
2014-08-24BSM Data
2014-06-23BSM Data
2014-04-24BSM Data
2014-04-19BSM Data
2014-04-18BSM Data
2014-04-12BSM Data
2014-04-11BSM Data
2014-04-01BSM Data
2014-03-30BSM Data
2014-03-29BSM Data
2014-03-10BSM Data
2013-10-25BSM Data
2013-10-25BSM Data
2013-10-15BSM Data
2013-09-25BSM Data
2013-09-24BSM Data
2013-08-15BSM Data
2013-07-07BSM Data
2013-04-19BSM Data
2013-04-16BSM Data
2013-04-06BSM Data
2013-03-11BSM Data
2013-02-06BSM Data
2013-01-05BSM Data
2012-12-10BSM Data
2012-12-07BSM Data
2012-10-27BSM Data
2012-10-21BSM Data
2012-09-30BSM Data
2012-09-30BSM Data
2012-08-31BSM Data
2012-08-27BSM Data
2012-08-25BSM Data
2012-08-14BSM Data
2012-04-12BSM Data
2012-04-11BSM Data
2012-03-25BSM Data
2012-02-12BSM Data
2012-02-02BSM Data
2012-01-12BSM Data
2011-12-14BSM Data
2011-10-23BSM Data
2011-10-21BSM Data
2011-09-09BSM Data
2011-08-20BSM Data
2011-07-10BSM Data
2011-07-06BSM Data
2011-06-24BSM Data
2011-03-11BSM DataSeismic Data, Supersites
2011-03-09BSM Data
2011-01-18BSM Data
2011-01-13BSM Data
2011-01-02BSM Data
2011-01-01BSM Data
2010-12-25BSM Data
2010-12-21BSM Data
2010-11-16BSM DataNov 14, 2010 | Nov 15, 2010 | Nov 16, 2010 | Nov 17, 2010
2010-10-25BSM Data
2010-09-03BSM Data
2010-08-12BSM Data
2010-08-10BSM Data
2010-07-23BSM Data
2010-07-18BSM Data
2010-07-07BSM Data
2010-06-12BSM Data
2010-05-09BSM Data
2010-04-13BSM Data
2010-04-06BSM Data
2010-04-04BSM Data
2010-03-18BSM Data
2010-02-27BSM Data
2010-01-12BSM Data
2010-01-10BSM Data
2009-11-09BSM Data
2009-10-07BSM Data
2009-09-30BSM Data
2009-09-29BSM Data
2009-08-15BSM Data
2009-08-14BSM Data
2009-08-13BSM Data
2009-07-17BSM Data
2009-06-01BSM Data
2009-03-19BSM Data
2009-01-15BSM Data
2008-11-17BSM Data
2008-09-09BSM Data
2008-08-28BSM Data
2008-07-29BSM Data
2008-07-19BSM Data
2008-07-05BSM Data
2008-05-12BSM Data
2008-04-09BSM Data
2008-03-20BSM Data
2008-02-25BSM Data
2008-02-21BSM Data
2008-02-20BSM Data
2008-01-10BSM Data
2008-01-05BSM Data
2007-12-19BSM Data
2007-12-09BSM Data
2007-11-29BSM Data
2007-11-14BSM Data
2007-10-31BSM Data
2007-10-31BSM Data
2007-09-30BSM Data
2007-09-28BSM Data
2007-09-12BSM Data
2007-09-12BSM Data
2007-08-15BSM Data
2007-08-08BSM Data
2007-08-01BSM Data
2007-07-16BSM Data
2007-07-16BSM Data
2007-04-18BSM Data
2007-04-01BSM Data
2007-03-25BSM Data
2007-01-21BSM Data
2007-01-13BSM Data
2006-12-26BSM Data
2006-11-15BSM Data