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News includes external links to coverage of geodesy, UNAVCO, and related activities that have been featured in the public domain. The links focus on coverage via press releases, announcements, news articles, and other media sources. In general, the links refer to work where UNAVCO, EarthScope, or UNAVCO Community Members are mentioned. The chronological listing is far from comprehensive, but provides a sample of the discoveries, advances, and benefits of geodesy and geodetic-related work to humankind and planet Earth.

What in the world is geodesy? Geodesy is the study of Earth’s shape, gravity field, and rotation. Geodetic research defines the terrestrial reference frame. Geodetic techniques are used to quantify changes in the Earth’s surface and subsurface; ice sheets and glaciers; and oceans and atmosphere. Geodesy’s broader benefits include help with preparedness and mitigation of hazards and foundational support for space-based operations, navigation, communications, surveying, resource management, and national security. If you would like to know more about geodesy or GPS, please consider the UNAVCO educational resources listed on the left panel or the external links below.

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Area Teachers Work with Scientists to Create Curriculum: October 16, 2009: The Mining Journal.
GPS: Got Plenty of Snow?: September 29, 2009: Science Magazine.
Pisgah Astronomical Monitoring Earth Crust March 5, 2009.

India has a key satellite antenna stolen for scrap February 20, 2008: Nature.
New Greenland Ice Sheet Data Will Impact Climate Change Models February 11, 2008: University at Buffalo.

Greenland's Mysterious Holes Speed Ice Flow to Sea: December 24, 2007: NPR.
Geodetic Laser Scanning: December, 2007: Physics Today.
Upcoming US-China workshops on Geophysics/Seismology November, 2007: Physics Today.
Yellowstone Rising November 7, 2007: University of Utah.
The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is Getting Shorter in B.C.: August 3, 2007: GISuser.com .
Yellowstone's Quiet Power: A Volcano Forcefully Shapes the Land, Even Between Eruptions March 1, 2007: University of Utah. Catching the movement: Earth plate observatory may find answers: January 19, 2007: Daily Record, Online Edition.

Geological hazards are focus of Chinese research initiatives December, 2006: Physics Today
Himalayan megaquakes powered by elastic energy in Tibetan plateau, says U of Colorado study November 8, 2006, EurekAlert
EarthScope Project to Install Precision GPS Monument at Alum Creek State Park: August 2006, Press Release [PDF]
California shaking, but no cause for concern: July 29, 2006, New Scientist [PDF]
Satellite Imagery Shows a Sinking New Orleans: June 1, 2006, National Public Radio
UNAVCO to Use CENIC's California Research & Education Network for EarthScope Seismic Observatory Project: May 15, 2006, Press Release [PDF]
Listening to the San Andreas: April 2006, Sunset Magazine
Pulse Reveals Beating Heart of a Supervolcano: 1 Mar 2006, NewScientist.com
Instruments on Alaska's Augustine Volcano Provide New Insights Into Volcanic Processes: 13 Feb 2006, Kansas City InfoZine
Yuma Earth Science Classes Get New Spin: 29 Jan 2006, YumaSun.com
Rift Zone: 8 Jan 2006, Albuquerque Journal [PDF]
CORS Network Supports Hurricane-Related Activities: 3 Jan 2006, GeoCommunity Spatial News

Greenland Glacier Races to Ocean: 8 Dec 2005, BBC Online
Science Increasingly Relies on GPS for Data Collection: 13 Nov 2005, The Antarctic Sun [PDF]
EarthScope Watches World: 20 Oct 2005, The Daily Camera [PDF]
Local Nonprofit uses GPS to Assess Damage: 3 Sep 2005, The Daily Camera [PDF]
GPS Tracks Mountain Action: 3 Sep 2005, The Daily Camera [PDF]
Fastest Glacier (seven minute PBS Broadcast): 25 July 2005, NOVA Science Now on PBS
New Mexico Rift Makes Quakes Likely: 24 Feb 2005, Albuquerque Journal [PDF]
Unit on Volcano Helps Scientists Track Drifting Plates: 4 Feb 2005, The Daily News

* All articles from The Daily Camera were reprinted with permission from www.dailycamera.com

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