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Looking for Data?
Data for Educators

Short Courses for Faculty, Researchers, and Graduate Students
Short Courses

Opportunities for Your Students
Summer research internships for undergraduates (RESESS Program)
Student Job Opportunities at UNAVCO

Global Positioning System (GPS) Tutorials
How GPS Works[ppt] (K. Larson, University of Colorado)
Global Positioning System Overview (P. Dana, University of Texas at Austin)
Elevation Correction and the Geoid (UNAVCO)
The Geoid and Receiver Measurements (UNAVCO)
Selective Availability and the GPS Receiver (UNAVCO)
Geodesy, Do you know where you are? - The Global Positioning System (NOAA)
GPS Tutorial (Trimble)

Tools and Information:
Jules Verne Voyager Map Tools
Plate Motion Calculator
Geoid Correction Program

GPS Courses Taught by the UNAVCO Community
Principles of the Global Positioning Systems [12.540]: Thomas Herring, MIT
Introduction to GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems [ASEN 5090]: Penina Alexelrad, University of Colorado
GNSS Software and Applications [ASEN 6090]: Kristine Larson, University of Colorado

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