Data For Educators
Looking for interesting GPS data to use in your course? We've worked with educators and scientists to identify GPS stations that illustrate various Earth science processes. The data are the same quality that many scientists use in their research and is in a MS Excel readable format called CVS.

GPS data that show...
… tectonic plates moving and deforming

… movement on different sides of a plate boundary

… rebound of plates after an earthquake!

… movement near a subduction zone

… ground deformation from volcanic activity


Selected GPS Stations

click on a station to get links to data and graphs of station movement over time (time series plots)

To see these stations on a larger map and discover more GPS stations and data, try the Data Archive Interface. To explore GPS velocity vectors, try the UNAVCO Velocity Viewer. This Viewer is a proof of concept / beta prototype, occasionally has glitches at full-Earth view, and may not work on older browsers (<Mac OS X 2.9).

General GPS Education Materials

(under construction)

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