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DOI - Citation Guidance

A minimal citation for a data set contains the following elements (all obtainable through the UNAVCO DOI search interface):

Author(s), Publication Year, Title, UNAVCO Inc., DOI.

The recommended full citation includes the following elements:

Author(s), Publication Year, Title, UNAVCO Inc., Boulder, CO, data set type, DOI, date accessed, subset used.

For data sets archived at UNAVCO, we set the author names to be the Principal Investigator and any Co-investigator(s) in our database. In some systems, the term "Data Creator" is used. This term is synonymous with Author in our terminology.

(Note that the citation will also need to conform to the formatting requirements of the journal.)

Example - Citation of a Campaign

Miller, M. Meghan, 2001, Baja California 1996, UNAVCO Inc., Boulder, CO, GPS Campaign Data Set,
doi:10.7283/T5MW2F2D, accessed 1 Aug 2013.

Example - Citation of a Permanent/Continuous Station

Bendick, Rebecca, 2012,  Southwest Montana GPS  Network, BSPC – Big Sheep  Creek P.S.,
UNAVCO Inc., Boulder, CO, GPS Continuous Station Data Set, doi:10.7283/T54M92GS,
accessed 25 Jun 2013, time-windowed subset 2011-09-09 through 2011-11-30.

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