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DOI - Attribution Guidance

Please familiarize yourself with the material in the Related Links at the left before using data from the UNAVCO Archive.

When using data obtained from the UNAVCO Archive for scientific research that will be the basis of a journal article, researchers must properly credit the data collectors. This means that "the collectors of the unpublished data either are coauthors of the submitted manuscript or have given their permission in writing to the authors for the use of the data in the manuscript" (Pritchard et al., 2012). In addition, whenever allowed by the journal, use of a UNAVCO data set that has been contributed by a community member should be accompanied by a citation of the data set using the appropriate DOI in the reference list. Data set DOIs can be found using the search link at left. If you are using a particular data set that does not yet have a DOI, please contact us at dataunavco.org to see if DOI minting can be expedited. If needed, multiple DOIs can be aggregated into a single (new) DOI for ease of citation when many data sets are being referenced; contact dataunavco.orgto arrange aggregate DOIs.

Plate Boundary Observatory data sets in the UNAVCO Archive have been assigned a DOI, with "UNAVCO Community" designated as the data collector. Use of a citation including the DOI is recommended as a best practice in this case, but is not necessary for crediting the UNAVCO Community. Credit the UNAVCO Community by following our acknowledgment guidance. Stations that were part of an existing network (Nucleus stations) and were subsequently incorporated into the Plate Boundary Observatory do have an attribution requirement for the original PI as collector of the data as above when using data collected prior to 2004.

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