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UNAVCO promotes research and learning in geodesy by providing a variety of software, including web applications, and desktop utilities for scientists, instructors, students, and others. Web-based data visualization and mapping tools provide users with the ability to view post–processed data while web-based geodetic utilities provide ancillary information. Downloadable stand-alone software utilities include applications for configuring instruments, managing data collection, download and transfer, and performing computations on the raw data, e.g., data pre-processing or processing. A prime example of data pre-processing software is TEQC (Translate Edit Quality Check).

Mapping Tools

Mapping Tools

Mapping tools and datasets are available through UNAVCO, to assist all levels of users. These tools allow users to display data for full or subsets of datasets in a variety of ways.

GPS/GNSS Data Collection, Download, and Transfer

Data Collection,
Download & Transfer

UNAVCO provides a variety of software to aid investigators in data collection, download, and transfer. This software manages data on an instrument, offloads data from the instrument's internal memory, and ensures that data arrive to destinations other than the initial download computer.

Visualization Tools

Visualization Tools

To assist all levels of users, visualization tools are available through UNAVCO. These applications allow users to display data for individual or small groups of data points in a variety of ways.

  • Time series plotting tools allow users to see and analyze data temporally.
    • Data Archive Plotter graphs North, East, and Vertical GPS/GNSS positions over time and provides station event information. It also allows the viewing of multiple time series with shared axes.
    • PBO GPS Interactive Plotting Tool graphs the North, East, or Vertical position, state of health, and quality control parameters of a PBO station over time.
GPS/GNSS Data Processing

Data Processing

Investigators can access either raw or processed data. For data that can not be used in its raw state, processing, and in many cases preprocessing, is required.

  • Data pre-processing may be required to reformat, translate, remove extraneous data, and/or perform quality checks prior to processing the data.
  • Data processing software performs computations on raw data, resulting in numeric representation of the physical parameters measured by the instrument.
    • Gipsy - JPL’sprocessing package.
    • GAMIT - MIT’s processing package.
    • Bernese GPS processing software
Geodetic Utilities

Geodetic Utilities

Geodesy utilities provide relevant information to support studies using any of the geodetic data types.

  • Plate motion calculator is an online tool that calculates rigid plate motions at a specified location on Earth using one or more plate.
  • Geoid height calculator is an online tool that calculates a geoid height correction at a specified location on Earth using one or more gravity model.