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Are you a student looking for a learning opportunity? Are you an Early Career Professional and want to connect into the geodetic community? Are you writing your broader impacts section of your proposal and want to leverage your ideas? UNAVCO collaborates with scientific and educational partners to prepare the next generation of Earth science students.

Student Opportunities


There are many opportunities for students.

  • RESESS is a paid undergraduate research internship, learning community, and mentoring program. Students can participate for up to three summers.
  • Application to the RESESS program is the first step to the student internship. Please check the RESESS website for the application deadline.
  • Early Career Professionals: UNAVCO is helping early career professionals successfully navigate the transition from student to professional.
  • Other REU and internship opportunities Are you looking for geoscience research internship opportunities? Take a look at this (non-inclusive) list of opportunities to see what else is out there!
Short Courses and Workshops

Short Courses,
& Seminars

Take a training course to learn more about geodesy, the applications of geodesy, and Earth Science.

  • UNAVCO Short Courses are geared for for current researchers, early-career scientists, graduate students, and upper-level undergraduates, covering many applications of geodesy technologies.
  • Educational Workshops are for college and secondary education faculty to integrate new content into their teaching.
  • Science Seminars are one hour talks hosted by UNAVCO to provide the community on science topics of interest.
Educational Resources


Looking for resources that use data and modern teaching techniques to use in your teaching or after-school program? Do you want to explore your world?

  • Data for Educators provides a map with links to interesting high-precision GPS data, visualization tools, and associated teaching resources.
  • Educational Materials include animations, interactive online content, activities and lab exercises for instructors in formal (undergraduate and secondary education) and informal (museums, parks, etc.) settings.
  • GETSI develops teaching materials for engaging undergraduate students in addressing societally important Earth science questions through the use of geodetic data
  • Technical Engineering How-to's are technical information on how to use equipment and instrumentation currently or historically supported by UNAVCO.