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Global Velocity

A key input to a global strain rate map will be GPS velocity data being compiled as part of the UNAVCO GPS Global Velocity Field (GPSVEL) Working Group. The goal of this working group, chaired by G. Blewitt (gblewittunr.edu) (Univ. of Nevada, Reno), is to synthesize data from numerous GPS studies to produce a combined, consistent, high quality global velocity field for the Earth's crust.

Global Strain Rate

The Global Strain Rate Map project was initiated in 1998 by the International Lithosphere Program (ILP). Under the guidance of investigators W. Holt (wholtmantle.geo.sunysb.edu) (SUNY Stony Brook) and J. Haines (Cambridge University) the first steps towards the establishment of such a map have been made. A completed Global Strain Rate Map, determined by combining GPS, seismological and netotectonic data, will provide a large amount of information that is vital for our understanding of continental dynamics and for the quantification of seismic hazards.

Global Geoid

GPS height positions are relative to the WGS84 reference ellipsoid, whereas traditional heights are relative to mean sea level. We supply a calculator using the EGM96 gravity model to make the correction.


Various community-developed and supported software packages for modeling:

Jules map server

For interactive map creation and science product investigation we provide the Jules Verne Voyager map tool (requires Java), and for more casual image browsing the Voyager Junior image server (Javascript enhanced).

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