Science Applications of Space Geodesy

The following images feature space geodetic applications in various Earth science disciplines. Sources for each image are provided on each individual application page and information on the space geodetic technologies used in these applications can be found here. For more information please download Geodesy in the 21st Century, Eos, Vol. 90, No. 18, 5 May 2009, by S. Wdowinski and S. Eriksson. You may also download the electronic supplement to this article.

Solid Earth

Tectonic Plate Motion
Tectonic Plate Motion
Geoid determination
Geoid Determination
Glacial Isostatic Adjustment
Glacial Isostatic Adjustment
Earthquake deformation cycle
Earthquake Deformation Cycle
Magmatic-induced deformation (SE)
Magmatic-Induced Deformation


Urban and infrastructure subsidence (GT)
Urban and Infrastructure Subsidence
Landslides (Geo-hazard)
Hydrocarbon production (GT)
Hydrocarbon Production


Glaciar flow (Cryosphere)
Glacier Flow


Global/regional water budget (Hydro)
Global/Regional Water Budget
Wetlands water level changes (Hydro)
Wetlands Water Level Changes
Aquifer-system response (Hydro)
Aquifer-System Response
River and lakes water level (Hydro)
River and Lakes Water Level
Soil moisture (Hydro)
Soil Moisture


Bathymetry (Ocean)
Sea surface height (Ocean)
Sea Surface Height

Atmosphere & Ionosphere

Precipitable Water (Atmosphere)
Atmospheric Precipitable Water Vapor (Atmosphere)
Total electron content (Ionosphere)
Total Electron Content (Ionosphere)

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