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The business and affairs of the UNAVCO Corporation are managed by its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors establish committees to organize and oversee specific activities of the consortium. In addition, the UNAVCO Strategic Plan - Positioning UNAVCO 2009-2013 provides a foundation for an implementation plan that will detail actions, time lines, and specific metrics, and will be undertaken through UNAVCO governance, by the investigator community, and by UNAVCO staff.

Bylaws [PDF] includes information about UNAVCO, its Member Institutions, Representatives, and Meetings; Committees, the Board of Directors and their Meetings, Officers and other governance bylaws.

Board of Directors provides a list and contact information for the current members of the UNAVCO Board of Directors.

Committees includes the current and past members of the standing and advisory committees, their contact information, and term, committee charters and reports.

Officers provides a list and contact information for the current officers of UNAVCO.

President's page include a message from the UNAVCO president and biography.

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