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Meghan Miller, UNAVCO President

Message from the President

February 10, 2017

Welcome to UNAVCO!

UNAVCO continues to thrive as a strong and growing community of scientists and educators, committed to advancing the frontiers of understanding our home planet, by application of an extraordinary suite of modern and emerging geodetic technologies to observing Earth. Everyday, I marvel at the creativity of our scientific community, tracking down the subtlest of irregularities only to discover, again and again, some new aspect of geodynamics not previously resolved. Geodesy in the age of technology is revolutionizing the geosciences, enabling discoveries in multiscale Earth system dynamics from the geocenter to the ionosphere, while transforming our understanding of human impacts on climate, sea-level rise, urban subsidence, and freshwater resources. At the same time, geodetic infrastructure like the Plate Boundary Observatory and related networks inform far more than science. Civil engineers, departments of transportation, the National Geodetic Survey, weather services, earthquake and tsunami early warning planners, and many other technical communities have come to rely on UNAVCO-operated GPS networks.

We remain steadfast in operating UNAVCO as a model facility for the 21st century — effective, efficient, nimble, transparent, accountable, and forward-looking. At the same time, we are proud to serve a science community with a strong tradition of innovation, creativity, transformative research, and broad impact. Stewardship by our sponsors and community have supported a healthy research agenda and sustained our efforts to develop the geodesy workforce and modernize undergraduate geoscience curriculum.

UNAVCO staff and community commit to supporting the future of geodesy and its wealth of geophysics applications by sustaining infrastructure, instrumentation and data systems, while cultivating a diverse, inclusive and creative community. Through this work, we further the joint vision, to transform understanding of Earth systems and hazards using geodesy. We invite you to explore our website for ways that we can support your projects with geodetic engineering, data, and educational resources. We welcome the opportunity to serve you so please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

-M. Meghan Miller, President [Bio], [CV]

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